The idea behind Finnest

First, there was a simple idea. Following the 2008 financial crisis, even the very best companies did not get the finacing they required. Hard working people did not get good returns on their savings anymore. Our idea: Why not solve both of these problems at once?

Today, Finnest is the leading platform for investments into top-performing, mid-size companies. No start-ups or far-fetched projects. Only solid "Mittelstand" (SME) companies with a proven track record and more than EUR 10 million annual revenues.

  • Exclusive crowd investing only in solid, successful businesses
  • Backed by one of the most experienced teams in the industry
  • Many of the largest SME crowd campaigns were completed on Finnest

EUR 50 million for real "Mittelstand"-champions in five markets: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and Croatia

A team of experts

Many decades of banking experience. Plus online expertise dating back to the mid 90's. We know how digital financing works.

Günther Lindenlaub
Co-founder & CEO

20 years of experience in international banking
Led Raiffeisen Bank International's "capital markets" unit

+43 664 5432412

Joerg Bartussek
Co-founder & COO

20 years of digitalization experience
Built's "trust & safety“ unit

+43 676 7132715

Manfred Hellar

25 years of ground breaking IT work
CIO of Generali Insurance for 10 years

Reinhard Hönig

25 years of corporate finance expertise
Led Investkredit's "corporate business" unit

+43 676 4108754

Ivan Ďurčík
Solutions Architect

10 years of IT background as a solution engineer and FS
developer for leading corporations

Andre Voigt
Head of Sales Austria & Germany

For one decade, served corporate and private clients
as a financial planner

+49 162 1962387

Katarína Jankovská
Head of Sales Slovakia

More than 20 years experience in international banking
Led "SME & Large Corporates Financing" units

+421 915 736 255

Martin Hofstadler
Business Development

Several years of experience in innovative banking projects (capital markets, fin. architecture, etc.)

Georg Stiegelmair
Strategic Sales & Project Management

Several years of experience in PM and sales across a diverse set of B2B and B2C industries

Viola Ghavidel
Customer Relationship Management

Several years of experience in corporate and retail customer management

Julian Kettl
Strategic Market Research

Highly experienced in strategic research and communications

Jakub Ceppan
Full Stack Web Developer

Several years of experience as a software developer for leading IT companies

Pavol Rau
Full Stack Web Developer

More than 6 years experience as web developer and data managerfor insurance companies and payment providers

Michael Breitkreutz
Key Account Manager Germany

25 years of sales experience in financial planning and IT for retail and B2B customers

+49 173 7213811
Where well-established Mittelstand-companies get digital financing.
Handelsblatt, Dec. 2016
Attractive returns for investors.
Kronen Zeitung, April 2017
Companies expand their finance mix and empower their balance sheets.
Creditreform Magazin, May 2017