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Legal notice: The acquisition of this investment involves considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets.

Investors have already invested more than 85 million Euros in over 70 campaigns, earning around 4.5 million Euros.

Companies at Finnest

  • Successful medium-sized companies (at least 10 million Euro turnover)

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The highest ranking Finnest campaigns

Over 5 million euros


5 campaigns

The Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences group received well over ten million euros for 4 campaigns in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia and Croatia, resulting in the most substantial crowd investment ever finalised in Europe.

The multi-award-winning premium hotel group manages dozens of hotels, apartment complexes and camping resorts in seven European countries. Managed annual turnover is over 180 million euros.

Around two-thirds of all investors opted for voucher interest and became loyal Falkensteiner guests.

Crowd investing record


6 campaigns already paid back

The market leader in the field of high-quality nutritional supplements (over 120 million capsules are produced annually) recognised alternative financing potential early on. Managing Director, Dr. Schmidbauer stated: "Crowd investing is a part of the financing mix of every modern company".

The family-owned company, which has over 200,000 customers and annual growth rates of more than 20 %, has been repeatedly awarded as one of the best employers in Austria. Nine thousand partner doctors and therapists trust in the production of pure substance quality products, which allows for processing free of additives.

An important addition to traditional bank financing

2 to 5 million euros

Lindner Hotels

1 campaign

The very first campaign of the innovative and concept market leader in the European hotel industry was overrun. Investors virtually stormed the gates of the family-run company with 40 hotels. An outstanding 85 % of the investors were existing Lindner guests.

Lindner Hotels was founded by Otto Lindner in Düsseldorf in 1973 and was awarded, among other things, Hotelier of the Year and was recognised as one of the best employers in Germany. Since then, investors who invested 10,000 euros in this campaign have received top interest rates and vouchers for free overnight stays every year.


2 campaigns

At the self-sustaining energy site in Bonefeld near Koblenz, the market leader in the organic food trade produces its award-winning range of baking ingredients, gelling and binding agents, available in 2,000 organic and natural food markets. The family-owned company has been given a "very good credit rating" and processes one of the most valuable ingredients on the world market, organically grown bourbon vanilla.

The last Finnest campaign supported a plastic-free future for the thought-leader company; by the end of 2020, Biovegan will eliminate plastics in all its business areas.

Heli Austria

3 campaigns

With 41 helicopters, Heli Austria is one of the leading helicopter companies in the entire German-speaking region. With thousands of rescue, load transport and fire-fighting flights every year, the 140 highly qualified employees, experienced pilots, technicians, instructors, emergency doctors and air rescuers are stationed worldwide.

The helicopter fleet is continuously modernised and expanded. Our Finnest Crowd has financed, among other things, the purchase of tanks placed inside the helicopter, which enables the teams to fight large fires faster and safely. The investors received an interest rate return of up to 7.5 % on these tanks.

1 to 2 million euros


1 campaign

The popular market leader for drink beverages amongst organic retail traders was founded 80 years ago by the current managing director's grandparents. Currently, around 200 fruit juices, vegetable juices and soft drinks are sold in 30 countries and are available in 95 % of all organic shops.

With 170 employees, the family-owned company is a major regional employer in Lower Saxony and is economically very successful (awarded a "very good credit rating"). Finnest investors enjoyed - other than substantial interest rates - a gift in the mail: a large crate with the latest beverage creations from Voelkel.


1 campaign

In the gluten-free, organic range and organic baking mixes sector, this family-run market leader is one of over a dozen leading companies that exhibit every year at the world's largest organic trade fair "Biofach" in Nuremberg. They have successfully run campaigns with Finnest in the past.

Bauck is 100 % organic, and Demeter certified, and production is carried out exclusively according to the highest quality standards (IFS certification). As innovation driver in the industry, around 170 employees of the company, founded in 1969, developed not only the first gluten-free, organic oat flakes but also the first vegan, organic baking mixes sold worldwide.


2 Kampagnen

"Bionatic instead of plastic!" This was the last Finnest campaign motto for the European market leader in palm leaf tableware. In the EU, disposable plastic articles have to be reduced, and this successful company from Bremen produces alternatives. Annual growth rates of 40 % underline the company's successful strategy.

Bionatic sells over 600 products from renewable or recycled raw materials such as cups, plates, disposable cutlery and shopping bags and has been awarded the "very good credit rating". Finnest campaigns supported the necessary expansion of production capacities.

Harry’s Home Hotels

2 campaigns

The leading hybrid hotel chain with hotels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland was founded in 2006 by CEO Harald "Harry" Ultsch, a member of an established Tyrolean hotelier family. Finnest investors received up to 7.5 % interest for their investment annually; those that invested 5,000 euros or more also received annual free overnight stays.

In addition to the high-quality, feel-good atmosphere, Harry's Home Hotels stand for innovative flexibility: thanks to a modular system, guests can put together their perfect stay themselves. Receiving the "loved by guests award" in 2019, amongst other things, is proof of the high level of customer satisfaction among hotel guests.


1 campaign

Many Finnest investors heard about the successful family business from the DIY market: the Siegen-based provider of innovative and do-it-yourself-friendly solutions for roller blinds, sunblinds and garage door motors has been the large DIY stores’ go-to partner for many years.

Founded 35 years ago and awarded a "very good credit rating", the company recognized early that "smart home systems" would be the future of our homes. The Finnest campaign supported the further development of competitive advantages in this future market.


1 campaign

The world's second-largest burger chain, founded in 1954, serves around 11 million guests every day. In Austria, the family-run master franchisee of the group operates 35 restaurants and generates net revenues of approximately 60 million euros. With 1,000 employees, it is one of the largest catering companies in Austria.

The Finnest campaign accompanied the launch of meat substitutes and other innovative vegan products. The regional aspect of the well-known traditional brand Rosenberger, which belongs to the group, was widely communicated.

B2B companies

Strasser Steine

In 1963 Strasser Steine was founded as a one-person stonemasonry company in St. Martin im Mühlkreis, Austria. Today, the company is the largest producer of natural stone worktops in Central Europe. The slabs and stones produced in state-of-the-art artificial and natural stone factories are sold to the kitchen, furniture and the building materials trade.

As one of the largest employers in the region, Strasser Steine motivated an unusually large number of people from the surrounding area to invest in this Finnest campaign. Managing Director Johannes Artmayr: "Crowdinvesting also supports us with customer and employee retention".


100 years ago, the current managing directors’ grandfather founded the company. From the very beginning, engineers and technicians focused on innovation. Not surprisingly, the partner of many industrial and agricultural companies was one of the first to become intensively involved in the use of renewable raw materials in lubricants.

The Finnest campaign supported further expansion in the organic sector and communicated the hidden champion's know-how throughout the German-speaking market.


The Polytechnik Group, with its headquarters near Vienna, is one of the world's leading suppliers of biomass combustion plants. The rapidly growing demand for plant-based, renewable bio-raw materials for heat and power generation as an alternative to fossil fuels is a crucial success factor. Polytechnik operates four manufacturing plants and 15 engineering, sales and service offices throughout Europe, and has already installed more than 3,000 plants worldwide.

Thanks to the campaign, which received a great deal of media attention, the family-owned company was able to communicate its story widely and efficiently.


The family-owned company produces pure secondary raw materials from waste for the European industry and is, therefore, one of the European market leaders in its field. Among its long-standing customers are more than 300 companies from the European plastics, cement and glass industries, which use the technologically highly innovative plastic recycling process to produce more cost-effectively and with fewer resources.

Crowd investors not only received unbeatable 8 % interest p.a., but their investment has already been successfully repaid.

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