Superior crowd investing

Finnest features only trustworthy, established, top-rated companies. No start-ups, no far-fetched projects.

Attractive returns, year after year

These companies have the financial means to pay top interest rates. 5 % p.a., on average.

Sustainable success

Over 3 years, investors financed EUR 25 mio, including the biggest "Mittelstand" (SME) crowd investment ever.

Invest like a pro

You don't have to be a banker, to invest like one. Thousands of private investors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and Croatia are regular users of Finnest. They do what professional investors have been doing for decades: employ tailor-made tools to easily and successfully invest in top-rated companies. Thanks to Finnest’s unique “maximum returns” principle, it only takes a few clicks to get started.

Investors appreciate that Finnest exclusively features well-established companies with a long track record and a sound financial background. They prefer to invest conservatively, regionally and backed by all the data they need.

6 facts about the Finnest crowd

  • Thousands of private individuals from five countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and Croatia
  • Average investment: EUR 7,000 per person and campaign
  • Average return: 5 % annually
  • More than one third has already invested two or more times
  • A large proportion comes from the companies themselves: happy customers, employees and business partners
  • About 75 % of Finnest users are aged 40+
I was positively suprised by the vast amount of information available.
Germany, female
First time ever that I have been allowed to pick my own interest rate.
Austria, male
Interest rates are booked to my account exactly as agreed, every single year.
Switzerland, female

Investors benefit from top-rated companies

Many companies want to use our innovative crowd financing, but only every 50th applicant has what it takes: a solid financial history, top ratings and a clear vision for the future.

Micro-nutrients market leader. 9,000+ doctors and therapists partner with the family-run enterprise.

More than 30 luxury hotels and resorts across Europe. A success story that started 60 years ago.

One of Germany's top organic juice producers. Available in 30 countries and 95% of all "bio"-stores.

3 characteristics of a "typical" company on Finnest:

  • 10 years – a solid track record, ideally more than a decade
  • 10 million – a sound financial basis, ideally more than EUR 10 mio annual revenues
  • AAA-like ratings – profitable, growing, innovative

3 reasons why these companies use crowd investing:

  • Finnest campaigns are designed to strengthen balance sheets. These top companies become even more attractive to banks and other financial institutions.
  • The media interest in these campaigns is high: crowd investing is a highly effective sales tool.
  • Every customer who becomes an investor supports "his / her" company as a loyal brand ambassador.
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