How crowd investing works

3 easy steps to invest in successful companies:

1. Be well informed

All the latest data

Only well-informed investors are good investors. Our proven Finnest technology makes it very easy for you to evaluate any company. As a registered user, you will have access to executive memos and short profiles as well as detailed business plans, the latest annual reports, external ratings and much, much more.

2. Invest

Choose your own interest rate

If you like a company, make your offer: simply enter your amount (e.g. EUR 7,500 - the average amount invested on Finnest) and your desired annual interest rate (e.g. 5 % - the average interest paid out on Finnest).

At the end of the bidding period (usually four weeks), the company will select one single interest rate for all investors.

Example: A company seeks EUR 1 million in Finnest capital. At 3 %, 4 % and 5 %, investors offer EUR 1.1 million, at 6 %, EUR 1.5 million. The company's CFO is willing to pay 5 %, takes the EUR 1.1 million and every investor gets 5 % (including those, who wanted "only" 3 % or 4 %)! Those who requested 6 % will get a new chance next time.

Our unique 'maximum returns' principle

  • You are afraid that the interest rate you requested might be too low – don't worry!
  • You are always automatically awarded the highest interest rate paid out.
  • You can only benefit!

3. Benefit

Benefit from the success of top companies

Everything is fully automated. All the complicated stuff is taken care of.

  • Your personal investment contract is automatically created
  • Your investment is automatically transferred to the company of your choice (via SEPA)
  • Every year, the company automatically pays your interest rates directly to your account
  • At the end of the investment term (4 to 6 years), all companies are legally obliged to automatically pay your investment back

The Finnest crowd

EUR 25 million invested so far 5 % annual returns across entire portfolio 7,000 euros invested on average

No hidden costs

When a contract is created, Finnest charges a one-time fee of 1 % of your invested amount. Or EUR 25, whichever is higher. That's it.

Example: If you invest EUR 5,000, you pay a one-time fee of EUR 50.